1. Joe562MMA

    4 Flxx 15s @ 2 ohms On Crescendo bc 5500

    simple vid showing the subs & a baby flex lol they look like there barley movin gains set below half right now i heard these get a lil stinky so i wanna let them get enough play time b4 i turn it up but all & all they sound great, theirs nothing better then saying **** peoples opinions...
  2. Joe562MMA

    MIA but 4 Flxx 15s & crescendo bc5500

    Been occupied with other **** lately but anyway, got my box from Steve Beats double baffled birch wood box tuned to 35.5hz Very satisfied with the box & subs i just got the box today an installed them i have 4 d4 subs wired at a 2 ohm load, i havent tested for box rise or clamped...
  3. cooper1123

    Mb Quart DISCUS 1500.1 + FLXX Audio FA15

    Item(s) for Sale: Mb Quart DSC1500.1 FLXX Audio FA15 Item(s) Description/Condition: MbQuart is nearly brand new, NEVER BEEN OPENED!!!!! scratch on mbquart logo (pictured) and on one of the fins (pictured) 1500 Watts @ 1ohm (underrated) 750 Watts @ 2 ohm (more like 1200) 375 Watts @ 4ohm...
  4. Joe562MMA

    New compony FLXX subwoofers

    look great what do u guys think im gonna hop on the 15s im aware i spelled company wrong lol Subs are in - Car Audio Classifieds