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    about 6 months ago I replaced the speakers in my 04 ram 3500. and now only one of them works i took the speakers out and there's still power too them and i tried putting it back in and rewiring it but still nothing so i am wondering what could be causing those 3 to have stopped working they have...
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    FOR SALE JL Fix 82 DSP - New in Box - $300

    JL Fix 82 Digital Signal Processor. Brand new and unopened, still in the original box. Was intending to use it to install a subwoofer in a car with an advanced audio receiver however the project never occurred. Retail price was $359.99. Please email at [email protected] or reply with your email...
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    Pioneer RCAs Trouble

    A few months back I hot swapped my RCAs one day playing around with one of my subs. I'm pretty sure I blew my PICO fuse that day in my Pioneer 4100UB. googled about and found into on grounding RCAs long story short grounding the RCAs got rid of 95% of my noise issues which is quite livable...
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    Worth 400 dollars?

    my friend is offering me 2 kicker s15l7's in a closed box with amp for 400 dollars.the only downfall is that on of the subs has a 4 inch crack/hole in it, should i buy this or hold off?
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    At a loss on fixing sub Humming...

    I've been reseaching about why subs hum, and I've tried pretty much everything I've read, except things like LOC and Ground-loop isolator. I traded someone in my family cash for an audio system out of a Ford Ranger.(Maybe it was damaged or dropped is the problem???) I put it in my 98 Sable, so...
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    Anyone who knows how to fix voice coils

    Item(s) for Sale: I have plenty of burnt out subwoofers for sale, 3 JL AUDIO 12w6 (one of them might actually still work) and two 1000watt SoundXtreme subs i also have 2 sub boxes for sale, one triple 12 sealed box and one dual 12 box bandpass (glass in front) Item(s) Description/Condition...
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    08 silverado ext cab

    I have a 08 silverado ext cab and a 12" Fi x, im just wondering if theres any way ill get to fit my sub in my car short of ripping out seats