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    2007 fiesta stock speaker upgrade help needed

    Hey, im a new person in this world of car audio and i wanted to change my stock speakers of my car, as part of starting out. Though i'm not sure wich speakers would fit inside my car. Does any of you maybe know what/wich speakers would fit? I currently have a 3 door 2007 ford fiesta,
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    Ford Fiesta Notch 2008 stereo wiring?

    Hi everyone, someone knows what is the code color for Ford Fiesta Notch 2008? It's produced in Brazil, in the harness I got the following wires: Black + Green Green + Yellow Orange + Black Orange + Black I understand this is for speakers: White White + Purple White White + Pink Gray...
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    Pioneer FH-X720BT in Fiesta MK6 (2008)

    Hi, I'm looking to install a Pioneer FH-X720BT in my Fiesta MK6 (2008). A fascia and cage some supplied with the head unit. Here're the other parts I believe I need: Shopping Basket | Awesome Screenshot Please can someone advise on if this is correct?