fi subwoofer

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    18" Fi BL and mb quart 1.1500d

    Item(s) for Sale: 1. 18" Fi BL 2. MB Quart ONX1.1500D Item(s) Description/Condition: The Fi was purchased by me off of their website around this time exactly one year ago. No cosmetic damage. Never pushed past its RMS. Amp has been powering this sub for a year, I also purchased the amp brand...
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    Help me pick a subwoofer! (Fi)

    My last subwoofer blew a while back and finally have the money for a new one. I have many friends with Fi sub's and i think they are amazing! I have a kenwood monoblock 9105d and a old pioneer headunit. I was looking for thoughts/opinons on a Fi subwoofer for best spl sound! I will be using a...
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    SOLD fs 18''fi btl and enclosure

    i will be picking up two 18'' fi btl's with copper coils and a 7ft 6'' cube ported box for both subs, i will be keeping one of the subs so i will have the other btl and closure up for sale. i will be posting pics later tonight or tomorrow morning. Update the subs are fully loaded and i have both...