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  1. adulbrich

    Fi BTL N3 15's with DD composite cones

    Item(s) for Sale: These are back up for sale again. Fi BTL N3 motors with DD 15" baskets and "platinum" composite cones & dust caps. Have Sky High 8 gauge OFC direct leads, Tantric HDD dual one ohm coils, and a custom 8" spider pack wit adapter for the basket. Item(s)...
  2. B

    Fi BTL 12" (UFO) for a 15" sub of equal or greater Power Rating/Value

    Icon6 Fi BTL 12" (UFO) for a 15" sub of equal or greater Power Rating/Value (Can ADD CASH) The title basically says it all ^^^ I'm looking to trade my 12" Fi BTL D2(UFO) for a 15" sub that's basically in the same "weight-class". I'm looking for something that can handle at least 1500w RMS but...
  3. the flea

    the flea

    my baby
  4. the bumpin flea

    the bumpin flea

    first pics of the boom boom
  5. B

    Fi BTL Randomly Quit! Please Help!

    I was wondering if somebody could help answer my question? Well I have two fi btls and one just randomly stopped working, so I took it out and rewired it and still nothing. It dosnt when move or make a sound? Whats going on? Could It be the motor? Or could I just buy a fi recone kit and fix it?
  6. jham

    FI BTL Fully Loaded for 2 decent 18s

    I'm wanting to trade my fi btl n2 fully loaded 12 for 2 decent 18s. this sub has never seen its 2500 rms capability. It's around 6 months old with no markings on cone and its never been reconed. reply with what ya got. The worst i could say is no. But i will entertain all offers.
  7. jham

    FI BTL Fully Loaded

    Item(s) for Sale: FI BTL Fully Loaded 12" Also have a Mmats m2000.05d and a batcap 2000 for sale as well Item(s) Description/Condition: FI BTL Fully Loaded 12" 2500W rms 5000W max perfect working condition Price: 450 OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: msg me zip ill calc...
  8. S

    Help help help!!!

    Guys, I am currently in the process of upgrading to 2 Fi BTL 12" and running each of them on a AQ2200D (audioque). How will i go about wiring this and what, on the electrical side, will have to be upgraded. 2 batteries ? and new alternator? i will be running around 4400 watts RMS. Please let me...
  9. kdm0nk3y

    SOLD FS: 18" Fi BTL BNIB and Sundown 3500D BNIB

    1. Product: Sundown 3500D and 18" Fi BTL Fully Loaded 2. Specs: Rated power output  ----RMS power, 2 ohm linkable/dual mono 7000W x 1CH ----RMS power, 1 ohm mono 3500W x 1CH ----RMS power, 2 ohm mono 1750W x 1CH ----RMS power, 4 ohm mono 750W x 1CH Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB Low...
  10. Btl