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    2023 F250 Crew Cab Upgrade

    Newby to the boards here . I recently purchased a 2023 F250 . Needless to say the stereo is lacking . As the head unit is more than just a stereo I will not be replacing it . So a line converter will be needed .I have installed my fair share of head units, amps and speakers over the years but...
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    Budget Truck Speaker Help

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting, so hopefully I'm in the right thread. If I'm not, please feel free to move this to the correct section moderators. I have a 2001 F250 XL that up until 2 days ago had the stock head unit, and I'm guessing stock speakers. Now I have a Pioneer MVH-S21BT...
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    2011 F250 Crew Cab

    I’m removing the factory sub and amp behind the seat of my F250 and was going to install my two 12” subs I already have from another truck but while calling around for a behind seat enclosure I’ve had several people say that I would better sound and bass for a behind the seat setup running 4 8”...
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    2017 F250 SuperCrew XL

    I need some help installing a LOC for a simple Sub/Amp setup. This is a work truck so I picked up a generic Kicker Box/Sub Combo and a Kicker amp. I considered just tapping into the speakers in each door but thought it would be a neater setup if I just tapped in behind the dash. So I tore the...
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    Ford F250 Custom Center Console 13w7

    This is my first build log on this forum so bare with me for the next week or so. Im building a center console in an F250 to replace the factory flip-up seat. It will house the JL 13w7 as well as display the JL HD 1200/1. Just finished up framing the box, I'm still undecided whether or not to...
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    *****see what you think? *****

    First off let me say that I'm a rookie so feel free to kick me along as necessary and thanks in advance. I'm looking for ideas, opinions, criticism and help in general on the system I'm about to install in my 2010 F250 crew cab. This truck already has a 100amp alternator and two batteries...
  7. need box!!!

    need box!!!