My 15" AB VFL extreme for a sub or a few subs that take 1500w rms nicely

    Ok so here is the deal. I got this sub and box on CL and the sub was never used. It's practically brand new. It's still very stiff. The amp I got only does 1500w rms at 1 ohms, and I heard someone gave this sub 2500w rms clean power. Now obviously I can not do anywhere near that and I think...
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    SOLD FS or FT ORION NT100 NTENSE Dual Mono Block 2 Channel Amplifier

    I'm looking to sell or trade my excellent condition Orion NT100. Included are the power plug, speaker harness, and custom Stinger RCA to DIN cable (20ft) The amp is cosmetically an honest 9.5/10 with no major, and really barely any minor issues at all. Some of the silk screening on the end...