1. P

    Erisin ES718D Remote Control and user guide wanted

    Hi Guys, Can anyone out there help me? I'm looking for a remote control and user guide for an Erisin ES718D Double Din Head Unit. It has a built in TV tuner, but I cannot tune it in without the remote for it. The OEM remote is a 'credit card' flat type. If anyone has the remote code's for...
  2. JessicaKwok

    Erisin Headrest Unit 2x7" & 2x9"

    Review of Head Unit: Hey, guys! I noticed that Americans prefer Car DVD Player than Headrest monitor. Lol... If you wanna get a headrest pillow, 7" and 9" which one you will choose? I think Erisin car entertainments is a real cheap with high quality supplier.. A pair of Headrest monitor...