1. C

    Best amp for a swx 1242d?

    I recently acquired a alpine swx 1242d. I have it in a ported box with 1.89 cubic feet of volume. It has a 1000w RMS and a 3000w max. I am planning on running it on two ohms. I'm looking to buy a amp and I wanted to know which amp would give me the most out of my sub. My friend has a alpine mrd...
  2. TT2ENT

    M-Audio Delta 410 audio card !!4inputs and 10 outs!!

    Item(s) for Sale: M-Audio Delta 410 with "dongle" Item(s) Description/Condition: M-Audio Delta 410 Sound card - 96 kHz - 24-bit "Google" M Audio Delta 410 for more specs and prices This gives your computer pure quality recording and playback ability. Connect all your equipment through th...