eq settings

  1. sneykinko

    Correct settings for metal? On mid-high setup with tons of settings. JVC

    Hi. I've got JVC KD-T905BTS. I've bought it from US after reading couple reviews and it also has tons of settings. I've got Ground Zero GZIF6503X on front which I love. And newer version on the back shelf. They're iridium range. And they should handle a lot. No amp. No sub. Stereo has mosfet...
  2. N

    Settings for 13 band eq

    Hi all, Recently upgraded my interiors with mmats pro audio (4 6.5s and 4 horns and 1 12 sub). I also upgraded head unit to Pioneer avh 5800. It has a 13 band eq and I will like to know if anyone knows what's the best settings to get loud voice, non distorted when play at high volumes. I've...