engine whine

  1. E

    Engine whine - Desperately need help

    I've posted about this topic a couple times already, but I have yet to find a solution. I installed an after market amplifier to power my mids and highs. I already have a sub amp that isn't having the same issues. My stereo is a JVC KW-M780BT. The amplifier powering the whine is a Infinity...
  2. Ewee1991

    Major static and engine noises in all speakers

    Alright y’all I have a aftermarket system with head unit with sound stream amp and 1 12 inch sub along with the shitty bose amp that came with truck that you can’t replace in my 2015 Silverado for 4 years now and ran good and all of a sudden I have major static and engine noises and weird noises...
  3. D

    Engine Whine!!!!

    Hey guys, just bought a 2007 Chevy Colorado. Put my head unit in and blew the cheap speakers in it. So I bought new alpines. All was good, until I installed my speaker amp awhile later. Using the same wiring as my old truck, but engine whine from (what I can tell) only the rear speakers...