enclosure designs

  1. T

    Need help with enclosure

    I have no clue when it comes to enclosures, and im a college kid on a budget, so i need help finding what i need in an enclosure, I bought the HDS310, here are the subs's specs. Piston Diameter 203.2 mm Mounting Depth 7.5" Circle Cutout 9.25" Overall Diameter 10 7/8 with gasket Xmax...
  2. B

    Need some design pics/ideas for a ported enclosure for a Fusion Powerplant 15...

    Okay so basically I'm about to try and build my first enclosure. I have a fusion powerplant 15 that needs a new box. Its been recommended to build something shallow-ish and ported on the top, and lay it down so the sub fires upwards and the ports face my back bumper. I'm new to designing and...
  3. KPs02FX4

    WTB dual SA 8" sub box designs for ext f150

    Looking to put 2 Sundown SA-8s under my rear seats in my 02 ext cab f150, front facing is preferred. Jacob recommends the subs to be ported so I'll take his word. I would like tuning around 35hz(I listen to rock and rap), I also hear these subs aren't o forgiving in larger enclosures so I'll...
  4. tundra1221

    what sub should i buy

    what sub should i buy to make the most of my 1000watt rms amp..... i was thinking a dc lvl 4 in a bigger ported box.... and what type of bigger box should i have