electrical system

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    Do i need to upgrade my battery and or alternator?

    I got a stock electrical system, it's got a 150 amp alternator. Not sure on the battery size. But I just got a new amp that does 1100 watts rms at 4 ohms, I'm gonna be setting the gain to get 700 watts rms. I was wondering if I would have to get another or new battery or upgrade my alternator...
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    rookie mistakes...arced my amp...Please help!!!

    This is my very first time installing a stereo and dont know much about electrical.so I recently upgraded my stereo system, changing the head unit, and adding an amplifier and subwoofer.the previous owner had an out of factory stereo already installed, so what I did was switch the old HU with a...
  3. Q

    Need advice on electrical system don't want to strain

    So I have a 98 rodeo and it only has a 90 amp alt In it I am going to upgrade the power and ground leads this weekend but will this allow enough current flow to hook up a second amp I currently have a Rockford fosgate r750-1d pulling around 60 amps and I just want a small like 50-75 watt alarms...