1. Blake Vandercar

    Subwoofer dilemma - 12" sundown doesn't go high enough, 10" kickers don't go low enough, what next?

    I had a 12" Sundown SA-12 . Now have 2 Kicker CompRs. Both times, in sealed boxes. Of course, all forums say that Sundowns are always better than Kickers. However, I now like the 10" kickers much better due to having a much wider frequency range (30-500 Hz) whereas the Sundown really failed...
  2. S

    dubstep on a 18 in a 97 z71

    lookin to put a 18" DC audio XL or level 4 with XL soft parts in a half side walled box. anyway, would dubstep/dance sound ok on it? it wouldnt hafta sound like a 10 but i dont want super crappy sound. while im postin, is a XL or a level 4 with XL soft parts better? thanks