distorded subs

  1. B

    Seeking advice on audio issues with Sony 12” Subs.

    Hello everyone, I've been enjoying the performance of my two Sony 12” subs for a significant period. However, recently, during a music session with a friend, the volume was pushed to its limits, resulting in a loud buzz followed by silence. Upon restarting the car, one of the tweeters appeared...
  2. C

    Problem With New Subs - Please Help!

    Hey Car Audio Community! I'm excited to be here. I'm having a problem setting up my new subwoofers and I'd appreciate any advice. The problem is, I'm getting (what I believe to be) distortion at low volume. If I turn my amp up more than halfway, the speakers begin to rattle and sound...
  3. anawna

    HELP! sub distorted

    So im a moron, I thought i had my gain all the way down but no it was all the way up, now my right 12 sounds distored but my left 12 sounds fine, and when i turn the gain down it gives bass but i can still hear the distortion when im next to the sub. I had to hook a new amp to them cuz i fried...