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  1. LTDP200

    Second Battery tips?

    Hey, I’m in a bit of a situation. I’m fairly new to car audio so I’m kinda ignorant when it comes to some things. I just upgraded my system, got rid of those cheap MTX terminators and got something that actually hits. I just got 2 Digital Design Redline 500 series 10s in a gigantic ported box...
  2. E

    Need amp recommendations for 2 dd 715

    My local swap meet guy is trying to sell me 2 15 digital design 715 for 250 each first question is this a good deal , I kno dd is a great comp brand are there better woofers in this class for less and what amp would deliver the most power consistently (rms) my budget is pretty shoe string not...
  3. Q

    FS: NEW Digital Design S4a

    Item(s) for Sale: DD Digital Design S4a Item(s) Description/Condition: Item is new, has been in stored in my closet for 2 years. Perfect for running an active setup. SPECIFICATIONS: Series S Input Sensitivity 0.2V - 8V Variable High Pass Filter 20 Hz - 500 Hz (200 - 5 kHz) at 24dB/Oct...
  4. BamaBoy334


    Item for Sale: DD M1c Item Description/Condition: 1200 Watts @12v, 1700 Watts @14.4v (@1ohm, 2/0 welding cables for batteries and alternator, x2 Deka Unigy 135Ah & 1 Duracell 60Ah main battery, 245A alternator) Price: $300 + Shipping (lower 48 states) + Pay Pal Fees (im sure it will...
  5. Drummer65

    FS: 2 - 15" Digital Design 9515g Subs

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 - 15" Digital Design 9515g's Item(s) Description/Condition: 1500 rms but can handle 2000+ all day 1 of the subs is in great condition, The other had the dust cap ripped off of it. The coil and everything is fine however it would need a Dustcap. There is also a small tear...
  6. R

    WTB dd3512

    Im looking to buy a dd 3512 in good condition. Preferably somewhere local, im located in the bay area. If not local, however, ill still pay shipping. Please let me know. You can also contact me at (650)787-8128, call or text. Just please identify yourself as a seller on
  7. R

    Wtb: Dd 3512

    Item(s) for Sale: Looking for a dd 3512 Item(s) Description/Condition: in good shape, no rips, recones, or anything. Price: Make me an offer Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Ill pay shipping. Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your...
  8. S

    amplifier help.

    okay, so i have a dd1515 it will be in a ported box in a 2006 avalanche. im having a difficult decission on what amp to get i already have a SD SAX 125.2 and im thing about getting a dd cm1 but i don't know if it would do better or even if the sub would work for me? so help me? haha
  9. mylows10

    2 dd m3a black models for sale

    Item(s) for Sale: dd m3 a black used very gently mint condition Item(s) Description/Condition: 9/10 used 4 months Input Sensitivity 0.2V - 8V Variable Low Pass Filter 20Hz - 200Hz @ 24dB/Oct Variable Sub-sonic Filter 10Hz - 50Hz @ 24dB/Oct Tested Voltage 11.9 VDC Signal to Noise...
  10. S

    which amp would be the best for me?

    okay, if i were to purchase 1 DD 1515 what would be a good amp to put on it. (rms 500-1500)
  11. Digital Designs 91K 12"

    Digital Designs 91K 12"

    BEFORE of my DD 91k. pics after recone will be posted when i get it back from DD.
  12. My Woofers

    My Woofers

    These are a pair of DD 3515's. I am trying to sell these.