1. B

    FOR SALE DC POWER 270XP Alternator 420$

    I had originally bought and ran a dual alternator setup on my 04 cadillac escalade however the 2nd alternator robbed more HP than i preferred so i removed it, basically it was used for a grand total of around 5 hrs and then went back into the box these retail for 600$ w/o shipping and will fit...
  2. tundra1221

    help me upgrade :) dc alt and xs batt

    ok im gonna be running a 2 SPLaudio zv3 18's on a cadence c5 at 1ohm before rise, and walled in a civic coupe. Got some monies and would like a dc alt and xs batts. how big of a alt should i look for and how many amp hours should i be lookin for?