dc audio 2.0k

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    DC Audio 2.0K Amp

    Item(s) for Sale: DC Audio 2.0K Item(s) Description/Condition: DC Audio - 2.0k Physical 9/10 Mechanical 10/10 4 ohm 600W x 1 2 ohm 1,200W x 1 1 ohm 2,000W x 1 Bass knob not included, plexiglass back Price: 350 Shipped - NO TRADES! Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information...
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    DC Audio 2.0K

    1. Product: DC Audio 2.0K 2. Specs: The 2.0kw competition series amplifier is a 2,000 watt mono block. It is capable of running up to 16 volts for up to 2,500 watts. It is a linkable amp and designed to run a 1 ohm per amp or 2 ohms when strapped. It comes with a bass knob and a clipping...