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    Running head unit on 1 ohm speakers?

    Hello, Without going into a super long story about what happened, I ran my Alpine CDE-164BT head unit while it was hooked up to the stock Bose speakers in my 2002 Nissan Maxima. I found out after having them hooked up for about a month and listening to music super loud that they are 1ohm...
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    Solo Baric L7 8 inch 4 ohm voice coil parts

    Item(s) for Sale: parts solo baric S8L7 4ohm voice coils Item(s) Description/Condition: i bought this sub back in 2007, i didn't get it installed at the time and it sat on a shelf in my garage. i found it when i moved a couple weeks ago. today i built a speaker box for a friends semi. we had...