crescendo bc3500

  1. BassJunkie96

    COMPLETED Selling Crescendo BC3500

    Hey guys, selling a BC3500D works flawlessly and is in great condition only thing is one of the heat sink fins is slightly bent. Selling because I decided to go a different route with my build and will be looking for something in the 4500w range. Comes with gain control knob and wire. Looking...
  2. D

    Too Much Power to Subs?

    I recently purchased a Crescendo BC3500D. I have 2 American Bass XFL 12's rated at 1000rms and 2000 Peak. My plan was to wire them up as shown here But that would mean 3875 watts rms from...
  3. Justin braaapp

    Advice on a crescendo bc3500

    Whats up guys im somewhat new to the forum. Anyway I have a chance to get a crescnedo bc3500 amp tomorrow for 450$ and my current mtx thunder 81000 amp but I have heard mixed reviews on the amp. Just wondering if anybody has had experience with these amps or knows people that run them with no...
  4. B

    Crescendo BC3500 . 5 ohm?

    No matter how I wire the subs, my crescendo 3500 will not go down to . 5 ohm. If it is at . 5 ohms then why is the watts still the same? I have 2 Zv3 D2's.

    Bc3500 ????

    Anyone running a bc3500 ?? good/bad comments? what kinda numbers does it put up and whats your setup include? any real info on the amp will help .thanks guys...oh also ill be runnin on 2 dd3512.s @1ohm

    Bc3500 ????

    Anyone running the bc 3500 have anything good/bad to say about it? also what your running on it and what numbers u put up? thanks guys
  7. delmore34

    2 Like New Crescendo BC3500