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    Crackling and "farting" speakers - amp or speakers fault?

    Hello, I have no experience/knowledge of car audio, but I recently bought a Golf MK5 in which two owners ago, someone created a setup in the trunk of a JBL CS 60.4 amp + two Mac Audio Revolution X 20.3 Speakers. The speakers in the trunk only turn on at a volume of about 30, work well up to...
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    Help with Isolating Component Causing a Crackling Noise

    Hi guys, So, a few months back I decided that I wanted to upgrade the sound in my 2008 GMC Sierra Crew Cab with Bose. I ordered all of my equipment from Crutchfield except for a little wiring. I'll list the equipment I have below. Head Unit: JBL Legend CP100...
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    Hey, This is my first post. looking for some insight on how to troubleshoot some popping and crackling across all volume levels on all Brand new aftermarket speakers. I've attached an image so you can see my system layout. popping/crackling started after installing aftermarket speakers...
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    Speakers make loud crackling noise at higher volumes

    Hello, I just bought a pair of new speakers (GAS Silver GS620P) and amplifier (Blaupunkt GTA4). After installing the speakers and amp to the rear deck i tested them out and i got some loud crackling noise whenever i turn the volume up to about 50% on the HU (kenwood kdc-w3041). The front door...