1. C

    Help finding softparts or atleast drop in specs for motors!?

    So Ive been hunting to find more in depth specs for these motors....(coil height, diameter, etc.) 1) RF T115D2 2)RD alpha V2 D2 3)Treo SSX (the 3 in. coil) 4) MA Audio hk15X2 5) ....and just for grins....I'd like to do something fun with an old SPL CAL-10 motor with the cute 2 in. coil if...
  2. A

    Anyone who knows how to fix voice coils

    Item(s) for Sale: I have plenty of burnt out subwoofers for sale, 3 JL AUDIO 12w6 (one of them might actually still work) and two 1000watt SoundXtreme subs i also have 2 sub boxes for sale, one triple 12 sealed box and one dual 12 box bandpass (glass in front) Item(s) Description/Condition...
  3. B

    A speakers impedance

    I looked all over google for this answer and can't find it. What determines a speakers ohms? is it the voice coil, the magnet, or both? does the thickness of the voice coil or how long the coil is or how big the magnet is have anything to do with it?
  4. Zeuslicious

    3 Matching Sets of TC Sounds LMS/LMT 2" Coils **Pics**

    1. Product: 3 Matching sets of TC LMS/LMT 2" Coils   2. Specs: Pics #1 Aluminum rw 2.8 dcr ohms Fh 4.210 Wh 1.787 Id 2.020 Od 2.228   Pic #2 Aluminum fw 3.4 dcr ohms Fh 4.132 Wh 1.808 Id 2.019 Od 2.250   Pic #3 Aluminum fw 3 dcr ohms Fh 4.200 Wh 1.790 Id 2.020 Od 2.220...