1. C

    Mixing Component and Coax

    If i were to put midrange woofers in my front doors, and then coax 6.5s in my rear deck, would the tweets on the coaxials make up for the lack of tweets with the midranges up front, or is it recommended to add tweeters w the mids?
  2. J

    Incriminator Audio

    Has anyone heard i65c component set or the i69 coaxial from incriminator audio in person before? If u have what do you think about them?
  3. Vesjåg

    6,5" speakers in VW T4's doors, what's the best way to fit them? [SOLVED]

    I'm planning to mount a pair of 6,5" component speakers in my 2003 VW Caravelle's doors. I have been searching around the internet without finding anything close to this topic. Doors have these grills installed, behind them is just a sealed empty box. I have been looking at two ways at fitting...
  4. M

    First Car Audio Build... I need some speaker advice

    Hi, I have a 2010 Toyota Camry. I'm looking to replace the front and rear speakers. Up front is a factory componet set of 6x9s. The rear has coaxials. I have already decided to go with DD Audio speakers because it's a local brand that I support. I'm trying to figure out what the best option...
  5. M

    Coaxial or component in this situation....

    I have an '09 Chevy Malibu with a blown door speaker. Thought I had it figured out what I wanted to replace the door speakers with but now I'm second guessing myself. I had planned on getting an inexpensive pair of coaxials like the Polk DB651 My car has tweeters in the pillars and that got me...
  6. T

    Coaxial speakers without enough wattage? When bass kicks, treble loses volume.

    I recently installed 4 6x8 Pioneer TS-D6802R Coaxial speakers into my truck. With the intentions of purchasing a new head unit, amp, and sub to go with it. I still have those intentions, I just bought the speakers first. So everything sounds fine when I don't raise the volume too high, but...
  7. N

    Which amp to use???

    I have a pair of Polk DXI650's and a pair of Polk DXI570's in my truck. What amp would you recommend to drive them? It has to be small since it's a regular cab and the subs and amp take up most of the space. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. G

    JL Audio Evolution VR 650-CXi 6.50 in. / 165 mm Coaxial Speakers

    Item(s) for Sale: JL Audio Evolution VR 650-CXi 6.50 in. / 165 mm Coaxial Speakers Item(s) Description/Condition: * 2-way 6-3/4" speakers (pair) * injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer with butyl rubber surround * 1" treated textile dome tweeter * built-in crossover network *...
  9. E

    SOLD x36 ic audio 6.5 mids!!!!

    Item(s) for Sale: i have two brand new boxes of ic audio 6.5 mids. Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, only two of them were taken out of the box to hear them these things are really nice and get pretty loud of low watts. rated 30 watts, 8 ohm. i put 45 on the two and they took it...
  10. nevertoomuchbas

    SOLD Eclipse SE5000 3-way 5.25" speakers

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 - Eclipse SE5000 3-Way speakers Item(s) Description/Condition: both are in brand new condition Price: $30 + shipping (offers considered) Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: These speakers havent been used much at all , and they sound great. Item Pictures: