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    Cerwin Vega XL Series subwoofers

    I have the original documents for my XL10S woofers, so I thought I would share some scans of the spec pages that cover all the XL series woofers that Cerwin made back in the day. I bought mine from Crutchfield in the early 1990's, so that gives you an idea of how old these things are. Hope...
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    How big of an amp do I need?

    I was looking at getting two Cerwin-Vega VMAX3152 (Specs: 15" Dual 2 Ohm VMAX3 Series Subwoofer Power Handling: Peak: 2400 watts RMS: 1400 watts Impedance: 2 ohms) and I was wondering how big of an amp I would need to run them? I dont want to power the absolute **** out of them and beat...