center console

  1. G

    Hi SQ 10 recommendations

    Hello, I’m looking to replace my center console on a 4 door ram pickup with a sealed sub enclosure. Looking to put a JL10w7ae-3 in there, but my buddy says they are overpriced. I value SQ over other aspects. Other equipment I’m looking at for a complete system: Polk Audio DB6502 (front doors)...
  2. 93Exploder

    Center Console Build

    Just started building a new console for the exploder a night or two ago. coming out pretty good. I will post the pictures of current progress as i get through it. Hope to have the main frame done tonight or tomorrow, then i will go back and add stuff to it as it comes in. The main reason for the...
  3. S


    I need help!! I've never done this, so I've decided to take a chance and give it a try. I want to put a sub woofer in the back seat in the center console. I have a 2002 grand prix. I have measured the center console its about 12.6 inches. I want to put a 12 inch sub in the middle. I was hoping...