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    My Alpine CDA-7983 sub pre outs are having trouble!

    I have an Alpine CDA-7983 and everything on it works great except for the subwoofer pre outs. When I plug in the RCAs, and turn the subwoofer setting all the way up, you can barely feel the sub moving when you put your hand on it. Can anybody help me with this?
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    Help!! Stereo not working anymore after unplugging. Alpine!! Look inside

    So I bought a 2001 Dodge Ram that came with a nice setup. I was troubleshooting some other issues and disconnected the stereo from the truck. When I plugged it back in, nada, no workie! Its a Alpine CDA-9886. I have power all the way to the back of it. I have checked and rechecked every fuse and...
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    Alpine CDA - 105 Getting it to read 100+ songs

    About 4 months ago I purchased an Alpine CDA-105 Head Unit (I love it) Only one thing; I have an 8 gb jump drive I'm using for music, and the unit will ONLY read all of my songs if I have them in folders, with less than 100 per folder. I understand for the average person that is nice, but I...