1. Reesatta

    Vintage Blaupunkt car cassette radio problems

    Hello, Not sure if these are common problems or maybe a bit advanced for the forum, but I'll give it a try. I've got a 1980's Blaupunkt car cassette radio (see images for model number, because I'm unsure), and both its cassette and radio functions are defect. I don't have a car to try it in...
  2. Traveltoonz

    Old school car stereo never used TX 503

    Greetings all... Have this cassette/radio still in the box never installed.. apparently some people still have/use it.. as the face plates are commonly seen on ebay for sale... it is from 1994 it's no Kenwood KRC 999 or anything, but just curious if I could get an opinion as to whether it's...