1. Andre Leclair

    Backup camera

    Hi, I installed a new Kenwood dnr476s head unit along with idatalink maestro Rr, the HRNI1, the HU-Ken1, and the nav1 adapter. It works well except for the backup camera. It works when the radio is in the booting sequence but when it's all started the camera isn't working anymore. Not when going...
  2. U

    Backup camera issue

    Hi all, When this first happened, I assumed it was a bad camera and replaced it, but now I'm on number three of different brands and models, so it's gotta be me as opposed buying three broken cameras. I have the power cable connected to reverse lights. I tested with a multimeter that it gives...
  3. B

    Side view turn signal cameras

    Hey guys, My site is Audio inception in Northern, VA (NOVA) and I do custom installs on the side as a hobby. After taking out my iPad install in my '08 S197 Mustang GT and putting in a pioneer unit using a relay to do the bypass it got me thinking about turn signal cameras on your side mirrors...
  4. its_bacon12

    FS: Polaroid i1036 Digital Camera [New] $50 shipped + BONUS

    Item(s) for Sale: Polaroid Digital Camera, Model i1036 Also including Transcend 8gb Class 10 SD card (Bonus) Item(s) Description/Condition: Pretty much brand new. 10.0 megapixel camera. I took it out of the package, took a few test shots and a test video. That's all I've done since...