1. lucasguirate01

    Very loud humming/ buzzing noise immediately when head unit turns amps on

    System was fine. Have 4 components 2 tweeters hooked up to 4 passive cross overs, 2 of the crossovers only had components on them. Just wired the second pair of tweeters to those crossovers. Now when I turn the car on extremely loud buzzing humming noise comes out the the components. I then...
  2. L.V

    Speakers buzzing help?

    Would it be my amp is dying? Ive had it for 4 years (machete 80.4) The speakers buzz at any volume, any mode (AM/FM bluetooth, USB) I have done the big 3 upgrade. All wires are OFC wire from amps to speakers. The sub is just fine but all channels off the 4channel amp buzz. Heres the kicker and...
  3. M

    New Audiopipe apcl1500.1d making buzzing/static noise

    I have a day old audiopipe apcl1500.1d running 2 12" precision power D4ohmVC @1ohm. -Also have an autotek 2channel for the mids and highs -both amps are split with a DB,30A fuse for the autotek/80A fuse for the audiopipe - a 250A fuse by the battery terminals -scosche 500k capacitor(yes i...