1. C

    Lunar amplifier 1500

    Looking to buy l1500 Mono block lunar amp Please let me know if anyone has one to sell
  2. Only The Best

    WTB 2 10" SUBS 1 amp to run em

    Item(s) for Sale: I need 2 10" subs and an amp... i need the price to be under $330... i can build the box and wire it up so that price is out of the picture... willing to buy used!... i want something loud and brand names dont scare me as long as its not boss/pyramid/pyle/vector/lanzar. i...
  3. M


    hifonics olm1600d2 2 12's?? Good buy??????? Hit harder than w'7s on same amp box ect.??
  4. M

    Want to buy SUB & BOX. $200-$300

    Hi im looking to get a subwoofer for my car. I have a Alpine MRP-M1000 amp that I got from a friend. The subs im interested in are DD (Digital designs), DC, Acendant audio, obsidian, sundown, SSA, incriminator, or whatever else you have to offer. It also would be nice if you could throw in a...
  5. Dr. Slam

    T3 audio t.1000 subs?

    I've been googling my *** off trying to find good reviews / good price range for these subs. Are two 15 inch versions worth paying $375 for new? Don't just answer, explain plz