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    HELP! my subs may be burning?

    Okay so I just bought a brand new system! A 1200 watt hifonics zues monoblock amp and 2 hifonica hfx12d4 subwoofer rated 400 rms and 800 peak and I have it all wired to 1-ohm... Now when I play my subwoofers start smelling like they are burning? Is it because maybe my gain is set to high? (I...
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    What rms rated and peak power rated 6X9's can I use on my MTX Blue Thunder Pro 400x5

    i want to buy 2 pairs of 6x9's to push with my mtx blue thunder pro 400x5. What 6x9s can my amp push and can i also hook up a pair of polk audio db351 on this amp or should i hook em up to another amp if so how many watts on the amp, im not trying to burn none of my tweeters on my speakers as i...