1. adulbrich

    $5k takes all my stuff

    Item(s) for Sale: 1. My 12" Digital Designs Z series. Dual .5 ohm coils. Kevlar composite cone. 2. DD M4a 3. Ampere Audio 125.4 4. Custom 15" subs with Fi BTL N3 motors and DD composite cones. Built by Tantric. (amp inputs/outputs not included) Item(s) Description/Condition: 1. Good...
  2. M

    fi btl n2 fully loaded and aq2200

    Fi Btl N2 Fully loaded in box tuned 32hz and audioque 2200 for sale Everything works and everything is included im just in need of money 700obo pickup or can pay to be shipped
  3. J

    Few questions about 2500wrms system.

    I will be running a FI BTL 15 d2 off of an Orion 2500d. Box is about 4 cubes tuned to 34z. I have a 180 amp alt, an optima yellow top for front battery, and a batcap 800 for back battery. I will have big 3 done in 2/0 welding cable. questions: 1. Is it worth having multiple runs of 0 gauge...
  4. J

    Need a box design for fi btl 15"

    For an FI BTL 15" fully loaded D2 in an oldsmobile intrigue.. 4 door sadan with fold down seats. . Box can be 17" tall if it doesnt exceed 30" in length and 20" in depth. Would like it to be around 3.5-5 cubes. Tuning at 28-35 hertz ideal around 34. Any suggestions welcomed!! smaller, bigger...
  5. K

    Alternator Whine... Help Please

    Ok i have a 2004 yukon with all 1/0 wire a shuriken bt-120 in the back and am running an american bass sq 475. i have re grounded the battery amps and head unit in about 8 diff configurations, checked all of the speaker wire to make sure nothing is touching the frame, bought high quality rcas...
  6. S

    Wtb 5-6k amp (rd d9 ect)

    Im in need of an amp that does 5-6k maybe more if price is right. I have cash so just let me know what amp you have and price shipped to 98445. Thanks
  7. K

    Whats badder than a 15 fully loaded btl?

    Hey guys, looking for suggestions for upgrading my system. Currently running a 15 fully loaded btl on a rf t2001bd. Thanks!
  8. S

    Help help help!!!

    Guys, I am currently in the process of upgrading to 2 Fi BTL 12" and running each of them on a AQ2200D (audioque). How will i go about wiring this and what, on the electrical side, will have to be upgraded. 2 batteries ? and new alternator? i will be running around 4400 watts RMS. Please let me...
  9. C

    SOLD 18" Fi BTL Fully Loaded

    1 18" Fi BTL Fully Loaded D2 in San Diego. Triple Magnet. Asking $360 +shipping or will trade only for 1 or 2 DC level 4 XL 12's . This thing is a beast, handled my SAZ3k like a charm. Pictures are from previous owner but still in same condition like new Here are some of my own pictures...
  10. B

    SOLD fs 18''fi btl and enclosure

    i will be picking up two 18'' fi btl's with copper coils and a 7ft 6'' cube ported box for both subs, i will be keeping one of the subs so i will have the other btl and closure up for sale. i will be posting pics later tonight or tomorrow morning. Update the subs are fully loaded and i have both...
  11. ngsm13

    SOLD Fi Audio, RD, EP Horizon SPL5000 Batteries, Dayton....

    Fi Audio 15BTLD1, 3slug, fully loaded, fresh recone! $300 + actual shipping FIRM. RD Audio 3250.1v2 amplifier, MINT condition. I had 3 of these, still using one! Going strong, gets loud, cheap power! $300 + actual shipping FIRM. Eagle-Picher Horizon SPL-A5000 batteries. These are WICKED...