bridging channels

  1. Zackster

    Dual channel running in mono?

    My amp (crunch powerzone psi 2250) is a dual channel amp, but it has a mono setting. Does that mean I can bridge my subs to get more power if I use this setting?
  2. 350zkid

    Audiopipe AQX 360.4

    1. Product: Audiopipe AQX 360.4 2. Specs: AQX Elite MOSFET amplifier series have been tested and proven to deliver the best power, performance and durability whether you're competing or just cruising down on the strip. Its bold body is constructed of a special cast aluminum...
  3. M

    Understanding Ohms and Amp channels.. HELP!

    Okay i just wanna know how wrong i am here... If I'm looking to get 2 12 inch subs that run at 300 RMS dual voice 2 ohms, i want to get a 2 channel amp that runs at 300 RMS at 2 Ohms.. so then each channel gets 300RMS and/or a 4 channel amp at 2 Ohms that runs 150 RMS each channel then bridge...
  4. J

    Indianapolis or Bloomington Area Installations

    I just recently bought a 12" Dual Sub that runs 300 RMS/500 Peak, two Legacy 10" Subs that run 200RMS/400 Peak, a Dual 400w Mono Amp, and a Legacy 300w 4ch amp. I also bought two 8 gauge wiring kits for the amps. My plan was to install these myself (I've only done research on how to do it...