1. Paul Curtis

    Advice on Amp vs lower ohm speakers

    Hi All, So not an expert and I've just replaced all the speakers on a base audio X1 with Audison, with new tweeter pillars as well. The difference is night and day so very happy. I'm still using the base head unit. I do have an audison amp as well which I have not installed yet because that...
  2. unixnerd

    Good amplifier to drive a pair of small subs?

    I'm adding subs to my 2003 BMW Z4. I'm an electronics engineer but don't really play with audio much. I'll be using the factory subs which are 2 ohm. I can easily get the audio from the existing rear speakers and feed it to the amp. I'd like the audio feed to turn the power on at the amp if...
  3. S

    Speakers work but no bass

    Hi, I have an F10 BMW with the HK sound system. The speakers and subwoofers have been upgraded to the bavsound ones. The bass no longer works at all. It hasn’t worked for the past month. I had one of the subs replaced and the bass still doesn’t work. Any idea on what it could be? I was thinking...
  4. BloodyGuts335i

    COMPLETED BNIB MB Quart BMW 3 way Speakers

    As title states. I have a BNIB set of MB Quart 3 way component set. Complete plug and play. Was bought for my 335i but may fit other models. Can be used to replace oem speakers and use without crossover. Or with aftermarket amp and use as passive components.
  5. S

    Help wiring multi-amp system in my BMW 528i.

    Hello, new member I am trying to get my system wired in my BMW I have 2 8” under-seat subs, 4 channels all around, and a JL 10w3 in trunk I have a PnP harness to bypass factory amp and provide connection to outside amps having problems deciding how to wire the 3 amps (mainly signal wiring)...
  6. Z

    Audison AP5.9 and Speaker Questions

    So apologies if this turns into a wall of text, but I'm hoping that someone can advise me on a few issues. I've just got my first car in about 20 years (previously had company cars and / or lease cars), a 2014 BMW X1 with CIC Business NAv but the base audio (4inch mids & tweets in doors, 6.5...
  7. 9

    e46 bmw 3 vfl 8 enclosure advice

    I designed a box in sketchup... its 2.9 cubes after port displacement. The ports in this pic need to be 90ed and about 10 inches added to reach my desired tuning of 30 - 31hz. But other than that tell me what u think and where can I improve.
  8. C

    New- Need help with <gulp> stock radio...

    I registered at this site because I didn't get any response from a BMW site, and I know you guys are radio gurus, so hopefully you all have some ideas. I just bought a BMW330i, and it has the stock radio. It's sounds okay on FM, but I'm old, and listen to AM in the morning going to work. I...
  9. BMW X1 E84(2009-2013)

    BMW X1 E84(2009-2013)

    Replace the BMW X1's storage cabinet with an 8 inch screen head unit and volume button (no need to dismantle the original car's CD, no DVD function)
  10. Euthyphro

    Ultra budget sub build $250

    I'd really appreciate some advice. I've got about $250 and want some bass. I need everything, amp, sub, enclosure, wiring kit. After the research I've done I know this is an absurdly low amount for all this. I've got a e34 BMW 1992 525i sedan. The trunk is big but I've heard that there is too...
  11. X

    How big of speakers can I fit into my car?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know how large of speakers I could fit into my car...I have a 1997 bmw 318IS coupe, e36 model. Right now it's got stock speakers in it, which are shot. The stock speaker sizes are 2 2 inch in the panels as well as 2 3 inch in the panels, and 2 4 1/4 inch (i think) in...
  12. gladiator_jai

    E39 Sub/Amp Install

    Hey guys, I did it. Thanks to 'bigaudiofanatic' from here and the umpteen people whose posts I have been reading for a couple of weeks. Thanks to Douglas Baker for his awesome blog and Bavarian Sound Works. Most importantly thanks to the quotes by local shops of $700+ for what I have done in...
  13. Car


  14. BassKnob


  15. Eclipse cd8053

    Eclipse cd8053

  16. New install in the bimmer

    New install in the bimmer