best subs

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    Help me to choose!

    So who of these would be better? Alphard Machete M12D2 110€ or Ground zero GZIW 300X 65€ or maybe 2 of these I'm choosing from this site Žemo dažnio garsiakalbiai | - prekyba audio įranga My budget for sub ~120€ Also I want buy Soundstream P1.600D amp for 125€ Is it worth...
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    Help on truck system

    So I have a 1987 GMC single cab truck that I'm putting together and pretty soon I will be doing the sound system in it. I don't have much experience with picking out speakers so I need help on what to do for subs since there is limited room behind the seat. I'm not going to spend a ton of money...
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    most powerful sub under $500 - Most bang for your buck

    real quick what is the most powerful sub on the market under 500 per sub im searching for a better deal then the crescendo contralto 15" or the psi p3 15" im not totally a noob i just want to kno what brands i dnt know about that is bannging with the comp lines. trying to save as much money as...
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    Best Subs?

    I was wondering what the best subs are. Right now i have two pioneer 10s in a bandpass box and i wanted to upgrade. A local shop told me the brand memphis was the best. What is your opinion? I want it to thump with the music, not just bass. I dont want it for competition, but i do want to set...