best set up?

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    Kicker 40CWR124 vs Punch P3D4-12

    I'm debating between these two subs for my setup. I will have them powered by a Pioneer D8601 mono block class D amp. I plan on two subs wired down to 1 ohms giving me 800 watts rms from the amp. I haven't heard either sub and was looking to hear from someone who has heard both. I'm also open to...
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    Help with my set up

    Amp-kenwood kac-8104d. Deck Kenwood KDC-MP345U. Box has .83 cubic feet of volume for each of the two subs. right now i am running 10" jl 10w0-8 subs and was interested in getting something that would be able to push more bass than what I already have with the JL's. Im currently looking at the...