1. basswiigee

    2nd batt. or h.o. alt?

    i got 4 12's, 2000d amp [getting 1750w out of it] @ 1ohm, got all 0ga including big 3, optima yellow top, lights still dim and yesterday i either killed the batt. or the alternator [which was 9yrs old] or both... lol about to buy new stuff... but on a budget [prices are crazy] so should i...
  2. S

    How Many Batteries and What Batterys for New Setup???

    I just got 2 Planet Audio BB2400.1 I heard they are stable at .5 ohm with a good electrical. Whats everyones input on a good electrical for 2 of these at .5 ohm each? I have a 2004 monte carlo ss Mechman 270a alt, 2 runs of power 1/0 knu konceptz and 2 runs of ground as well. I just need to know...
  3. S

    WTb: D3100s, Hc2400s, hc3800s, Deka Group 31s Ect

    Looking to buy some good batts for a decent price. I need enough batts to support 2 planet audio bb2400.1 at .5 each amp so it will need some current. I have 2 runs of power in knu 1/0 and 2 runs of ground as well. And a Mechman 270 amp alt. SO just need a few good batts.