1. F

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    Hi. I have an XStatic Model 400 Batcap that I use for my sub woofer amp. I'm about to get a higher power 4-channel speaker amp (150W per channel x 4). Would this amp now need to run through a cap?
  2. F

    A Bigger Batcap, A Deep Cycle Battery, or both?

    Hi. My sound system is currently a little above 1200W with one sub amp (this is accounting for amp inefficiency) and will eventually be about 1900W (One sub amp and one speaker amp; again accounting for inefficiency). I have a XStatic Model 400 batcap (rated up to 1300W) on my system now...
  3. F

    XStatic Model 400 Batcap True Power

    Hi. I have a XStatic Model 400 batcap for my sound system. When my system is all said and done it will be around 1,600W in total. On the company's website it says that for "maximum performance" this cap is rated between 1,000W-1,300W. I called a very reputable car audio store near me and they...
  4. gunz4me2

    Please school me on batcaps

    The car in question is a 2012 WRX with a 110 amp alternator. Will batcaps, like say one or two batcap 400s, allow me to run class ab amplifiers with 175 amps of total fusing? Granted, I doubt I will ever pull much more than 70 to 100 amps peak, but I don't want to go all out with buying a HO...
  5. ezekial130

    (2) Batcap 2000s

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) Batcap 2000s Item(s) Description/Condition: Both are in fine working condition, but do look used and have scratches. One has a permanent stud due to the fact that when i bought it from someone else on here they did not tell me there was anything wrong with them when one...
  6. J

    Kinetik in back, batcap in front? or run all kinetik?

    I have a kinetik hc1400 for the back, and I am buying another one to add in. For my front battery I have a batcap 800, but I was wondering ig I should switch to all kinetik. If the batcap would work it would be more hassle free for me. Suggestions?
  7. J

    Few questions about 2500wrms system.

    I will be running a FI BTL 15 d2 off of an Orion 2500d. Box is about 4 cubes tuned to 34z. I have a 180 amp alt, an optima yellow top for front battery, and a batcap 800 for back battery. I will have big 3 done in 2/0 welding cable. questions: 1. Is it worth having multiple runs of 0 gauge...
  8. D

    BatCap wiring, safety concerns

    K I'm a noob, but trying to be considerate and not pollute other more specific threads. I'm installing an Audison lrx5.1 in on 08 WRX/STI (amp is approx. 1500W max, but I'll rarely hit that). The STI alternator puts out 120A. I ordered a BatCap 800 to help preserve my electrical system and to...
  9. J

    How much do I need to upgrade

    Im going to be running a Orion 2500d to a fi btl 15. I have big 3 done and own a yellow top optima, and a batcap 800. not sure if I wan to run these batterys though. Opinions on what I should run, if I should keep these batterys... also what would be a good alternator choice?
  10. subzero

    Subzero's X3 10K cavalier rebuild..

    Stay tuned... Two X3.71's X3 Amplifiers Two X3-122's X3-Subwoofer 75 feet of 1/0 gauge welding cable Two BATCAP 2000's Two 300 Amp Alternators from Excessive Amperage 36 sqft of Stinger deadener
  11. tech114

    SOLD 8 Batcap 8400 for sale

    8 Batcap 8400. Asking 500 each plus shipping. Local pickup available. They are in like new condition.. clearing some space so I need these gone. any questions, don't hesitate to ask..thanks