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    Underground Audio Companies

    What are some of the best underground audio companies. Such as DD and SQ. Not really mainstream crap like BOSS and Kicker. Good subs and amps for the price though.
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    Thinking of upgrades

    Alright guys. So I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon hatchback. Right now I'm running a hifonics 2400 amp and an hdc3-18 subwoofer in a little more than 6 cubes ported at like 35 hz. Stock 110 alternator, big battery, volts hang out around 14 when it's beating. Now let me tell you, this 18 POUNDS in...
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    We need all facebook bassheads!!!! We are slowly booming on Facebook!!! this closed group is filled with amazing and knowledgeable people that can help you with anything this is for novice bass head to the most extreme bass heads POST WHAT YOU GOT!!! ASK QUESTIONS...