bandpass box

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    Band pass enclosure

    Hello everyone I want to build a band pass enclosure for a skar zvx 8. I have no experience with these types of enclosures so any advice would be appreciated. Where could I get a box designed?
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    4th order band pss box help & commision

    Hello, My name is Tyler. I'm building a car (2008 Mercury Grand Marquis). From what I have read you are the go to guy for information and help on this. I'm looking to build a 4th order bandpass box that vents into the cab. I would like to go with 1-4 8's (most likely 2) with the following...
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    RF p3 12" band pass best?

    So I'm soon going to be installing a 12 inch p3 RF sub. I understand that a good enclosure can make or break a sub's sound quality and that there isn't really a "best" enclosure rather than if you want SPL or bass range. I was able to get ahold of a Proband competition 12 inch bandpass for free...
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    4th order bandpass enclosure help

    I'm trying to design a 4th order bandpass box for two audiopipe 15s but don't know which air space to use the subs I have call for 3cube ft each in a sealed box and 3.5 cubic ft each in a ported box. I have heard people say 2:1 ratio but is it off of total of 13 cubic ft or the seals or ported ...