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    New Product Announcements

    Axxess Interfaces AX-ADCH100 Chrysler vehicles 2004-Up Features: Provides accessory (12V 10A) Retained Accessory Power Used in amplified, non-amplified systems, or digital amplified systems Provides NAV outputs (Parking Brake, Reverse, Mute, V.S.S.) ASWC-1 harness included (ASWC-1 sold...
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    What kind of steering wheel interface to use? PAC or Metra?

    so im gonna put a new cd player in my 02 crown vic and i want to be able to use my buttons on my steering wheel still. i have read up on the pac swi-jack (since im useing a kenwood) and it seems simple, but i have also read that some people have problems with them not working all the time. so i...