autotek mm4000.1d

  1. Aleks15Civic

    Autotek MM4000.1D or similar price/power ratio @ 2ohm

    Need an amp that can do 4k @ 2ohms without busting my wallet too hard. Very much prefer Autotek MM4000.1D.
  2. luv2shrOOm

    black market amps

    Item(s) for Sale: soundstream Picasso nano 4~channel ◦4 ohms: 100 watts x 4 chan. ◦2 ohms: 130 watts x 4 chan. ◦4 ohms Bridged: 260 watts x 2 chan. 4-ohm Bridged / 2-ohm Stereo Class D Full Range sold together with soundstream Picasso p1.1500d Mono ◦4 ohms: 600 watts x 1 chan. ◦2 ohms...