audison bit ten d

  1. TheMayer

    BitTen D High-Level Input Question

    My 03 C230's factory Bose amp has 8 channels. Front tweeters, front woofers, rear woofers, center fill, and sub. The processor can take in 4 channels. I am also ditching the center fill. Obviously I should use the front tweeters and woofers, but I am worried about losing bass if I leave out the...
  2. TheMayer

    Got a new car, advice on migrating my system?

    Hey everyone, It's been a long while since I have been active on this awesome forum. I've just traded my Jeep for a new to me 03 MB C230 Coupe and the factory Bose system in this car is pretty underwhelming. Here's what I salvaged from my Jeep's system that needs a new home: Audison Bit Ten D...