audio technix

  1. L

    sound deadening decisions ?

    Stuck between the murder mat mdk or audio technix 80 mil, any input on experiences with the deadening ?
  2. AwesomeStranger

    Estimate for how many sq ft. of Audiotechnix sound deader I'll need..

    So I want to sound deaden my trunk mainly the trunk lid. Is 12 Sq feet enough to do the trunk lid + rear deck? The less I have to buy the better. I drive a 2004 lancer oz rally for reference. Thanks.
  3. rlambert02

    Has anyone gotten there AUDIO TECHNIX wire and would care to share???

    I received my 150ft AT 0g ofc today, and it wasnt quite what I thought. So am I the only one who feels this way, or what does everyone else think?