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    problem with steering wheel controls module

    car: 2004 fx35 Head unit: Pioneer DEH-X6900BT So i have the Axxes ASWC-1 steering wheel control module, i believe i have it all hooked up correctly. black wire to chassis, red wire to amp turn on from head unit, gray/red wire to pin 12, white/green wire to pin 13, and i spliced into pin 14's...
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    How to keep factory steering wheel controls - Video

    Hello all! In today's day and age many vehicles have controls on the steering wheel for controlling functions and features of your factory sound system. Many are discouraged from moving to an aftermarket head unit for the sole reason that they would then lose these controls. Well fear no more...
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    What kind of steering wheel interface to use? PAC or Metra?

    so im gonna put a new cd player in my 02 crown vic and i want to be able to use my buttons on my steering wheel still. i have read up on the pac swi-jack (since im useing a kenwood) and it seems simple, but i have also read that some people have problems with them not working all the time. so i...