1. M

    fi btl n2 fully loaded and aq2200

    Fi Btl N2 Fully loaded in box tuned 32hz and audioque 2200 for sale Everything works and everything is included im just in need of money 700obo pickup or can pay to be shipped
  2. BamaBoy334

    WTT SoundQubed Q1-3500D.1(NEW) For BC2k/AQ2.2K Mint/New + $$$ ONLY

    1. Product: Soundqubed Q1-3500D.1 2. Specs: 4300@1ohm 14.4v 2600@2ohm 14.4v 1400@4ohm 14.4v 750@4ohm 12v 3. Description/Condition: Brand New In Box This amp is to much for me and my set up. These 2 amps are the only kind Im willing to trade for. Anything ran below 1ohm you can cancel...
  3. Re3xxx

    AQ HDC3 15s or RE Audio SX 15s

    Okay I need help. im trien to decide which subs to go with for my next build. Iv really been thinking about going with the AQ HDC3s but i want to be sure before i do. My idea was three Re Audio SX 15s with a 1500 watt rms amp on each one. I know a guy who did it and he was hitting 162 dbs. My...