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    Two 12" kicker comp subs question.

    Can someone please tell me if this set up is good ? I have my two kicker 12" 4 ohm svc comp subs in a sealed box hooked up to a boss riot r1100m mono amp 2 ohm stable and the speakers are wired in parallel to end with a 2 ohm , But I feel like there not performing that well , is there anything...
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    Wiring 2 amps

    I have 2 ssl amps. One is a 2 channel 2000w and the other is a mono channel 1500w I also have two 1200rms 12 inch subs. How should I wire the amps so I only have to run 1 power cable from the battery? And what do I do about the RCA's, the remote wire, and the ground from the 2nd amp?
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    WTB: an amp for my two 18" AQ HDC 3.0

    What would be good amp for these two subs or amps I want to play them at full tilt daily!