amp issues

  1. npal_77

    Sub amp issues

    Hey everyone, So I just recently switched my sub and amp to a car I just bought. It's a 05 Acura TL, which has a stereo that's difficult to remove and retain all channels/speakers. I tapped the stock subwoofer remote wire, ran that and my power to the back, tapped the stock sub's signal and ran...
  2. T

    Amp kicks out at any bass. Whats the problem

    i dont know if the problem is the amp or the woofer. i hav a pioneer gm500t a boss cap10 and a Kenwood KFC-XW12. but the kenwood isnt the problem. i had the amp connected to a BOSS P126DVC 12" 2300W PHANTOM. could i be asking for too much from the amp with the boss sub? i had the boss sub...
  3. mailbukicker

    NEED HELEP-Alternator

    Hey I have a 1999 ford explorer 4.0L and I was wondering if I would need a bigger alternator if I ran a Big three with 0 gauge back to one reg car battery in the back with 2400 watts rms hifonics amp to my 18 or will my stock alt. be fine please get back to me thank you
  4. F

    Door speakers popping when amp shuts off.....

    Here's my issue. Whenever I turn off my car, or power down my head unit, my door speakers pop. This seems to be a direct result from the amplifier loosing power, as they pop exactly when the amp loses power. What I've done: 1. Originally, due to me having a system on a factory radio, the...