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  1. J

    COMPLETED Like New - JL Audio XD 10005v2 Amp & JL Audio W6v3 in High Output Box

    *One 12 inch W6v3 in a high output box, and one JL Audio XD 10005v2 amp* Purchased in March of last year. Amp powered the sub and 4 focal interiors (original receipt for sub and amp available). I purchased them and had them installed in my Lexus by a local car audio shop. I'm now looking to...
  2. C

    Help on speakers and amp compatability

    I have a pioneer GMD 9605 amp. It can produce 75W @ 4 ohms and 100W @ 2 ohms. Ive already installed a set of component speakers that are rated at 4 ohms for 100W in the front. I was looking for some 6 x 9 speakers for the back and i found the infinity kappas that are rated at 2 ohms for 110W. My...
  3. I

    amp and 2xSW, two general hookup questions

    The 5-channel amplifier: Pioneer GM-D9605 From my HU 3x amp preouts (3x2: A, B, SW). Door Pair A 4 Ω and Back Cab pair B 4 Ω; and two of these: JL Audio 10W0v3-4 (10-inch SW SVC 300W 4 Ω). Q1: Can I do that with this amp and those two JL SW's? Q2: Wire the SW's in parallel?
  4. D

    Helix Dark Blue orJL Audio

    I am setting up a 75W per channel x 4 plus about a 300W subwoofer. I am considering the JL Audio Slash v3 @ 75Wx4 and the JL Audio JX500/1D for SW. That would run about $760 all-in. Then I saw the Helix "Dark Blue 5" on Subwoofersetc, rated at 75Wx4 with a 300W fifth channel for SW. That one...
  5. diaz_13

    WTB 1000W 5 channel amplifier

    Looking for something that does 100w X4 425 ×1 or something similar. I prefer a full class d or a hybrid. Price range around $200.