amp 4k boom

  1. natmaned88

    4000w rms @ 1 ohm

    i am looking to see whats out there and what kinda cash i'm going to have to spend i have 2 15 inch re audio xxx and 2 15 in hcca's i'm going to figure out which pair i like better but need a bigger amp maybe looking for a pair that can be linked let me know what ya have and how much your...
  2. Amkbeastly

    Opinions on MA HK4000d, overated? underated? cheap? junk? Let me know guys.

    I'm thinking about buying one here in a few days to push my n2 15. I have been told i could break 50's easy with this thing in my truck. (s10) With good electrical. I'm looking for a decent 3k out of it, but i don't know if it's capable of doing it at 2 ohms. I sent my buddy a picture of the...